Operating without limits

Making the move to Allen allows Formulife to meet the growing demand for their nutritional products

Before moving to Allen, Formulife was constantly bumping into limitations: not enough space, not enough hours in the day and not enough efficiency. That all changed in Fall 2016, when they moved to their custom-designed 45,000-sq.-foot warehouse and production facility in Allen Station II.

“I expect that our new equipment alone will triple our production capacity,” explains Formulife Owner and President Brandon Smith. “But there’s also logistical efficiencies that come from being able to custom design our new facility, room by room, from the ground up. Everything is exactly where it needs to be to fit our process and flow lines, and we’re expecting that to also help to more than quadruple our capabilities.”

Makers of nutritional supplements  

The company manufactures custom dietary supplements—primarily for the health and nutrition industry—including their own product line, Purus Labs. The business was started in 2008 by Smith, a former college athlete, body builder, physique coach and personal trainer who worked at the second largest sports nutrition distributor in the country before deciding to strike out on his own.

“Whether it’s a tablet, a capsule, or a powder, if it’s something you would find at Vitamin Shoppe or GNC, that’s what we make,” Smith explains. “We’ve been waiting about two years to make this move, so we’re definitely ready for it, and we have a lot more business to do.”

The company’s growth will add jobs in the city of Allen, he adds. Formulife currently staffs more than 65 employees and expects to more than double that number with their added production capability. “We’ve been bumping up against the ceiling in our old space for so long that it’s exciting to be through those growing pains,” Smith says.

A growing industry

The sports nutrition market is huge, and only getting larger as more people become concerned with their individual health and wellness. “You can see it even just by the media—we’re generally a more health conscious society than we ever have been and that’s helping fuel the growth,” Smith says. “But even within that space, our company is growing because of our reputation.”

Formulife has recently added several high-caliber athletes to serve as spokespeople for the company, including: UFC legends Urijah Faber and Paige VanZant, motocross racer Ronnie Faisst, and Team USA powerlifter Ray Williams.

“The longer you’re in business, and the more people you network with and the more everything grows,” Smith says. “Pretty soon you’re sitting in front of people you never thought you would and that’s what it’s been like to add these endorsers. For someone to embody our brand, we want them to live the same clean, performance dedicated lifestyle that we do, and these athletes fit that mold perfectly. It’s very exciting to look at all of the new opportunities ahead of us.”